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Gutters are installed to carry water off of your roof to a designated area on your property. When working properly, gutters are very effective at doing their job. If a gutter gets clogged up by dust, leaves, direct, etc, it can slow or stop the drainage off your roof, causing more damage than you may know. Clogged gutters can rot fascia boards, therefore, making it easier for water to enter the house to cause wall and ceiling damage.

Clogged gutters have a tendency to become over-weighted with slow moving water, soiled direct, leaves and ice (in the winter months). This not only stresses the gutters, but it puts even more stress on facia boards and soffits. In some cases, if the gutter doesn't break free from the part of the building it's attached it, it can sometimes bring that part of the building down with it. It is not uncommon to see a clogged gutter take part of the fascia and soffit down with it.

Gutter cleaning is important preventative maintenance and should be done at least twice a year, if possible.