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Why hassle with using two different companies for mowing and fertilization? When you choose Four Season Property Services for your mowing and fertilization services, you same time coordinating these services and money! All Fertilization Programs and custom, and begin with a soil test.

Early Spring Treatment

A balanced blend of fertilizer to awaken the roots from winter dormancy. A pre-emergent crabgrass control will be applied, if needed, to help reduce crabgrass.

Late Spring Treatment

A balanced blend of fertilizer to promote root growth and iron to help promote deep green color in turf. Pre-emergent crabgrass will be applied, as well as weed control.

Summer Treatment

A balanced blend of fertilizer to give roots a deep feeding to get through drought and heat stresses of summer. Weed control will be applied, if needed.

Early Fall Treatment

A balanced blend of fertilizer to promote new germination from fall seeding. Weed control will be applied, if necessary.

Late Fall Treatment

A balanced blend of fertilizer to provide roots with nutrients to store as carbohydrates in roots so they can survive harsh winter temperatures.

Lime Treatment

Lime will help reduce the acidity of the soil, bringing it to a more neutral range to allow better catatonic exchange between roots and nutrients in soil.

Grub and Insect Control

This application is specifically targeted to provide season-long protection from all types of grubs. Grubs can damage the turf roots by chewing them as they move through the soil. The application will also provide limited control of surface feeding insects, such as chinch bugs, sod web worms and aphids.

Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

Aerating offers several benefits to your lawn. Core aeration provides an avenue for water, nutrients, and oxygen to get to the root zone. Aerating your lawn helps recuse thatch accumulation and alleviate compaction. Add overseeing to help thicken thin and bare areas and to introduce new and improved grass varieties to your existing turf.


Key Benefits of this Service

  Increase your property value
  Multiple treatment options to fit your needs
  Have a healthy lawn all year round
  Keep insects and other pests away
  Combine this service with others and save